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oh my wow! what was that?! very peculiar, don’t you think? =)


i just realized what today was.

blank O_o

a life changing experience could happen in a flash of a moment, one moment your here and the next your completely somewhere differnt. seeing this first hand changed the way I look at things now, it brought me back to a show of SCRUBS where a patient was diagnosed with an illness and the doctor noted that it could be hereditary & if the patients son wanted to be tested for the illness possibly being fatal. the son refused and let the doctor know “once you know it, you can not unknow it,” which is true! I thought I would never see an experience like this, I had only seen them on tv and how they are potrayed by someones vision. as helpless as you think you are at the moment, the only thing I could think of was that it could have gone a lot worse but greatfully nothing of the worse happened. you will be in my prayers.


I was driving and was coming up to the light at hilderbran and blanco (where my aunt lives near by) and a old guy with glasses and a long with beard was in front of me and asked if i could take him somewhere and the light turned green, I punched the gas but was going very slowly, look in the side mirror to see him trying to get in the back seat of my car and not saying anything, tried to shake the car to knock him off but no go he got inside and I slowed down and asked him to get out of my car 3 times. then I woke up to a racing heart.

what the hell does this mean?