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today has been good, slept in until two in the afternoon, it was awesome. a little hibernation, lol. after that was spending time with my family as usual. me and my dad got to talking about the summer project, it is mostly ready to run, a few more things and she should be ready to fire on all cylinders. with a few more body fabrications she should also be good as new. and then as far as my dads restoration on his truck, he just has to rebuild the engine and put it pack together. bought a few parts today and we will see if i can have it ready in time for school-ish. right now i am trying to finish prepping all my paperwork that i will have to turn in and i am still waiting on a few call back to get the interview for the internship. another hell week this will be. signing off again, stay safe and we will see you tomorrow.


took some initiative today no matter the circumstance with my foot, it needed to be done. just got back with my mom from austin. we went to take care of a few things while we were there, took a few hours but we got it done. i got to drive the big truck today. had my son (aka my dog, tumbler lol) in the back seat, he was crashed out the whole trip there and back. before we left i had to throw on my music, made me feel country. driving a big diesel truck feels great and heavy. we were lugging a tractor, i felt safer for me driving rather then my mom because i could maneuver the truck in ways that my mom doesn’t really know how. just about every song came on that i used to sing…, it feels good to release my voice in the vehicle again. with driving the truck it got me thinking, i still need to fix up my truck, a few things are missing in the engine before it can fully run. i love my shelby (my car) but i just don’t feel as safe as i should be. the truck is a rare classic truck and once she is done she will be branded with the name tiffany, she is a sea foam green color with black and silver accents; just seemed suitable. it is so old school that it has no power anything but a radio and if i am correct an a/c, which texas heat days should come in handy. all the work that we did today plus the heat took a toll on me. my back is sore, and my foot is getting slightly better too. i am just taking a wild guess and believe that yesterday was my off day. we all have them. still hope for the best. have a great night and great day tomorrow.

gone country O_o