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today was just day three of what i am thinking anywhere from five to six day week to cram everything in one. was up early in the morning, got me some vegetarian dishes from the local hot spot. there was still more waiting in another office waiting room. because of that, i will have a more crazy day tomorrow before the weekend when it is time to sleep in, rest and hibernate from the world and maybe even be lazy and not do anything. but like it’s been said, ‘if you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you have to wake up and pay attention.’ i will have to do just that! after i waited and didn’t get what i needed, i went to grab me a late lunch. it was probably bad that i did but i did it anyway, not realizing the consequences until later today. i arrived back home and took off to the gym, with the lost weight i am feeling better inside and going to give the gym another try, with a little help from my handy dandy ipod. also with a change in my diet and continued¬†exercise¬†i can possibly get down to my ideal weight. a before and after kind of reveal to the world, if you will. so far everything is good but my shoulder are a bit sore and will just need to sleep off my soreness for another long day of many things to do tomorrow. it is time to get ready for bed and we will see you tomorrow.

reawakening O_o

I am FINALLY finished after 6 hours of vibrations, cutting and pushing. Felt as if I got run over by a tractor, but in this turmoil I found something that another lost, It felt as if I was on top of a tower and could locate my house from being so high up. while pushing and shoving made things worse for me I couldn’t help but wonder why I found this? but realized how no matter what; we are connect, no matter the distance between us, no matter what we say, no matter what we do, WE ARE A TRINITY. Nothing can break us or move us but ourself. Others have tried and have failed. The bond is so strong that we will soon cover more surface. But as much as we all feel like hell sometimes we still all have each other. Thanks.