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“listen to it sing … seasons may change; winter to spring … come what may …”

i’m continuing to watch this movie, over heard this saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and it stuns me that society does tell us what we have to look. Why can’t we just be who we want to be?! I have this feeling that everyone around judges and i don’t mind it but it keeps reminding me of a song lyric “its funny how someone else success brings pain, when your no longer involved that person has it all and your just stuck there, just standing there.” I know I am not perfect and lack few qualities but I am doing my best and can only do so much, I AM TRYING, it is the only thing I know how to do. Can you [ACCEPT] this?


lately just been thinking about what I have to do and how I need to get there, but have been thinking so much I feel as if my brain/head is going to explode and go BOOM!!! I need a bomb squad to defuse this ticking bomb. =)