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i knew when i woke up this morning today would not be easy, sure enough it wasn’t. class was the only easy part of my day it was just note taking, well not very many since the professor got sidetracked and carried on about one thing to the next, i think he might possibly have an attention disorder or since it’s his last semester, he doesn’t care. after school i headed home, checked my online assignment and profesor posted we are having a take home quiz due by midnight of tomorrow and a pop test, she called it a pop test because she never mentioned anything in class about it and if you don’t check your online page it is a surprise for the next time you come into class. didn’t have time to study then because i had a long day of people to meet and files and letters to write. work went better then expected, i was able to finish up early but was given a second assignment, took me a little longer then expected. got home and now studying. i hope this test is easy but i will find out tomorrow. going to continue studying but it looks like i may be going to sleep. hope all had a good day. good night and sweet dreams.



what a day. i first had to get up and get ready for work. all that was completed really fast and made a quick bite to eat. on my way into work I was thinking of what it was going to be like, I have helped out as much as possible to get a good recommendation letter by the end of it. by the looks of it I am doing a good job. have been told to keep up the good work. I helped out again even though I wasn’t suppose too. I put in some good hours, seven to be exact. things at work are good for now but come Monday I will be swamped with work. after that I headed home. my little brother and older brother were home. I was slightly tired and took a quick power nap. spent time with my family and am still very tired. I have tons to do tomorrow. hope all are well. good night and sweet dreams.