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when i went running this morning with tumbler i came across a wallet on the floor; well in the street. i assumed it was from the students that lived across the street since they are always having house parties, it was too early to go knock on their door and wake them and plus i had to get ready for school myself, i figured i would just knock and drop it off after i got back from class. sure enough after school made me some lunch and had to take tumbler out; there was someone outside who looked as if they were in search for something, i quickly ran inside to grab the wallet and walked over to the house when the guy waved and i asked him if he was looking for a wallet. he said “yeah!!!!!!” i had mentioned to him that i had found it while running in the morning and quickly saw the sigh of relief in him when i handed him the wallet. it was like a thousand pounds were of his back and had a huge smile and couldn’t stop thanking me. i tried to find an id but he just had a military card, a credit card and money. i hope something good will come of it.

solo para ti O_o

well today was more a surprise for me to say the least. i was actually up and ready to go to class in the morning. i was actually intrigued about what we were about to go over during this semester. it shall be a learning and reading semester but i actually don’t mind it now. reading is exciting when it will help me out in my humanities class. two of my classes go hand in hand; which is awesome. as the day progressed, water flowed that i never expected, it was refreshing. i didn’t mind it at all, it was needed. the day continued full of organization and preparation for what was to come. i am sure i was blamed for it, i am always at fault, when in fact this time it wasn’t me. but any who enough of that. finally finished up and went onto next thing that needed to be completed. filling out papers. it was just so repetitive, been filling out papers all the time, today wasn’t anything new or special but my life; in a odd way; depends on it. even though it is blazing hot outside today, i had to wear a jacket; i know i am crazy, no need to remind me anymore, but the downstairs classrooms are always freezing in the morning and this time i had the last laugh when everyone was complaining about how cold it was. guess what i did? c’mon guess? oh alright, uhh… [wait for it, pause for dramatic effect] i rolled down my sleeves. hahaha. i was warm and toasty but once i left class, up my sleeves went yet again. i think my humanities class should be very interesting. i actually want to lern this stuff and people said it was blow off class pbbt. i beg to differ, this i think is my most challenging class yet of my years in college. let’s do this thing. hope all had a great day, but for me it is time for me to finish up here and get to bed, got school really early tomorrow. have a great rest of the day folks & i hope your day went well. gracias para todo. ciao.


weekend was unexpected. all in all it was okay, got to spend it with my family which it is what it is. this week will be what most high school and college students know as hell week. here we go! (toast)

keeping up O_o

• Read everything.

• Start all assignments early.

• Check everything you write twice, spell check it then read it again to make sure it makes sense.

• Check everything you post twice.

• If your writing is not that strong, finish a rough draft early.  After a few hours or a day review it.  You will be surprised what ‘pops’ out at you.

• Set a regular time each day to do your homework and read everything that’s been posted in your class(es).

• Read everything.  I mean everything.  All Announcements.  Check out the Calendar so you will now when something is due.  EVERYTHING~

• Always assume that everything will take longer than you think it will.

• Ask every question you think of, even if you think it’s ‘silly.  Asking never hurts.  Most students have the same questions.  I’ve seen it all and don’t think there are any bad questions.

• Throughout a school experience you will have some instructors whom you like and those whom you don’t.  You’ll have ones that are great, good, fair and awful.  Ultimately, though, it’s not up to your teachers whether you do well or not.  It’s up to you!

• The more responsibility you take for your own learning, the more successful you will be.  Figure out how to get the most you can from the great teachers and learn in spite of the not-so-great ones.

• That does NOT mean you don’t ask questions.  It means you ask questions early and often.

• It may seem to you that we, as instructors, can’t really tell when you’re doing your work and when you’re not, but most of us are experienced and we know.  If you feel like you’re doing a lot of work and it’s not showing up in your grades then you’re really not doing enough.

• Unfortunately, how much work each person has to do to get good grades is not equal.  Some people have to work a huge amount and some people hardly have to do anything.  Life is really not fair. Everyone has different talents and skills.  You’ll need to do whatever is necessary for YOU to do well.  Don’t compare yourself to others.

• School is a ton of hard work, not quite as hard as raising children, but much harder than a job.  Treat it with respect and put much more work into it than you want to.

• There really are NO excuses.  I’ve had students who’ve completed their work, or made prior arrangements through deployment to Iraq, giving birth, children sick in the hospital, deaths, etc.  Take responsibility for what’s going on in your life and contact your instructor and/or your Academic Advisor immediately if you have a problem.

• Really, I mean Read everything, everything.