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“quando deves de hablar, no hablas” y “la lengua defiende el gaznate”


nadien sabe que duro es vivir una vida sin estar enamorado y quando la amente no puede amar. si tu supieras que quiero peliar por tu corazon pero no me dejas. no te puedo ver que te caigasĀ y espero que arregles todo pero que sepas; que nunca voy a dejar de amarte con un parte de mi corazon.

mi palabra O_o

I began talking in a really long time, never had the privacy to do so or was never given the chance too; lately i’ve been trying to figure ME out and what I want to do! During an 8 hour discussion Saturday night, I was getting closer to what I want and what I want to achieve as a career; it has been said that if a thought does not sound right, say it out loud; it really works, will it be tough? YES it will, but I know too much to choose too dedicate myself to one field. One of the best things I know the most is how to speak and with this I know two languages, not perfectly but I know them, like 21 years of both languages. Growing up I have shown others how to do things, have taken charge of a situation and show how to be efficient. As much as I disliked school it is my turn to turn the tables and prove to my profesores que yo puedo hacer todo lo que pongo a mi mente (professorsĀ that I can do anything I put my mind too).

Si Se Puede,