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while on my busy adventure this morning, I received a text from a friend saying that they needed to tell me something and called me and dropped the BOMB on me!!!!!! we went way back, we met when I moved to Austin about 2 years ago and we became really good friends, helped me out through some things and helped them out too. she told me they were moving to Las Vegas with family because the dad got a good job opportunity up there and wanted to say farewell before they would be gone for a really long time and would not be able to return. the family is taking off and driving tomorrow morning to reach Vegas by Monday (Memorial Day). I quickly grabbed some clothes and threw it in a travel bag and mentioned to my folks and older brother that I was heading up here (Austin) to visit them, a bunch of friends that are going are closest of closest of friends, I was considered a good good friend because I couldn’t always be there. I know how difficult it can be to get through a few things like a loss in the family who was very dear and close. I considered her like a sister I never had and could talk too and trust them with pointers they gave me to help out with situations in life. it will be sad to see you go, but I am here now to say my goodbyes and farewells, I drove all this to see you go. the friendship will never be forgotten, just wished I would have known sooner to prep for the BOOM in the face when you told me. sad day. I wish you the best  and since you are moving don’t stop taking care of yourself like you always have.

your good good friend O_o

woke up around 1 pm-ish, I felt very bland, got up washed up and went back to bed, tried to see if I could sleep a little bit longer while I had the house to myself for a good while now. opened my computer a little after 24 hours of me being away from it, I wished some old friends a happy birthday. got a text from a friend seeing how I was doing and if I needed someone to talk to, didn’t feel like talking much and then it felt like the tv was calling my name, I refused to turn it on and began to watch shows I had missed yesterday on hulu. I  was able to rest peacefully until about 4 pm, people began arriving, my dog knew something was wrong with me because he kept trying to get my attention by licking me, so I began talking to him. he was cheerful after a bit of playing with him. shortly after that I was called by my friend and we went running in the park, it helped a little to ease this feeling, when we returned we decided since it was Wednesday we would try to go $1.00 bowling but when we arrived we found out there was no such thing and the clerk at me like I was crazy and said it was $45.65 for 3 people and 2 pairs of rental shoes. we were like SEE’YAH!!! we decided since we all hadn’t eaten that we would try too, we ended up finding a Wing Stop and ate while my brother & brother from another mother enjoyed watching the basketball I couldn’t help but wonder … and wished you would receive these mental notes. be safe, it is time for me to sign off, work in the morning, I hope.

trying O_o