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Damned If You Do & Damned If You Don’t.


well its been about a week now, it was time to get stuff done for a change, i am starting off the new year with some not so great news, in these past two months our family has lost three people because of illnesses. i don’t know what else is happening around the world, just in my world. we received a phone call early in the morning about the passing away of a cousins’ child. he passed away of leukemia. a few days ago we had another relative pass away with aids; i did mention it before in my previous blogs. then we received news of my uncle being admitted in the hospital for unrelated occurrences. my parents had to go out of the state and well, country. i did have a great conversation and i am super glad i was able to talk to you today, like i told you there are days i just don’t know what to say. i do miss our long talks we used to have. there are a few things i wish for but i will have to wait and see what will happen. i have to go attend to my family right now. good night and happy dreaming.


i just got out of the shower with a refreshed feeling. i feel as is i have washed away a few weights of my shoulders and feel that what i wrote early had been picking at my finger tips to get out. i have normally stayed quiet about a lot of things, i think it is time for a change. it is time for me to be outspoken. getting tired of never having a voice or being heard. this ends now. i hope everyone had a good day but it is time for me to get some rest and hit the books again tomorrow. be safe. have a good night and sleep well with sweet dreams.


how can i put this? been trying to figure out at what angle to go at this. just need a little bit of time to try to figure out what to say.

here it goes O_o

i am blowing up but not in the way most would think, my head is full of jumbled thoughts, like a never ending game of clue, i have all the pieces; it’s just that i can’t put them all together and figure out who did it. i know today would have marked a special day for us, i have stayed off the computer all day. my day really wasn’t excited today but it was full of remember-alls (hp lol) and me having a fight with my heart and brain and have been trying to figure out what to say. it is too personal to show to the world. you will know the pass by what i got for christmas.

thinking O_o

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