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today was crazy. was a busy day to say the least. i woke up late for the first time ever and slept through class, i think because i was cold last night and my hibernation mode kicked in. I was almost late to work but arrived and was put straight to work. even though I was almost late I had explained what happened. they understood and got to work. i was very easily distracted, everything just caught my attention, it was as if my attention span was shortened down to about thirty seconds. it was quite hilarious. a coworker saw me and said I looked so lost, we joked about it and finally got to focusing. arrived home and was exhausted, I wanted to nap but stayed watching television. turned it off and hit the books. a while later my friend called to pick up a movie i had and one i borrowed from him and we just got to talking about work, school and life. it was a very inspiring conversation and then he took off. it is now time for me to sleep, it is way early and very tired. have a good night and happy dreaming.