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i had gone out the night before. nothing big but just met up with a few friends. spent the night and woke up this morning laughing at what mess they had made. there were costume pieces everywhere. paint, makeup, fangs, jackets, boots, accessories, etc just scattered all over the place. after that went to grab brunch and met up with eight others. but i am thinking this will never be the same again. i feel like i am growing too old and that it has already passed me by of the festives and joyfulness of it. everyone be safe out there tonight. exam in the morning and out of nowhere i get this throbbing headache, i wish i had some tylenol pm to knock me out and heal my semi-cramped calf. tomorrow will be interesting. my day is filled with long tasks, i was called back in to help out and would need me for another twenty hours, i will have to try and work something out. to late to be thinking. again stay safe out there. good night and sweet dreams.

bwahahaha O_o


everywhere I went today turned on te radio and couldn’t help but hear the joyful songs playing. I could only help and wonder what it meant. everyone says “everything happens for a reason” I now believe it more and more. it was AMAZING.

radio says all O_o

things come when we are patient and wait. Because messing up is what makes a person, It’s how we learn, where we find joy & the things you don’t plan for are the things you never see coming.