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am I in trouble? was I ever there? when should I be? did it? was it? there is? every song heard is kind of scaring me right now, they are all answering of these questions in my head that I am afraid to say out loud or even write, the funny thing is I am normally a happy-pusher next when my music is set to shuffle and I have yet to touch the skip to next song. I can finally hear all the lyrics and they make sense.

“can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? because I could really use a wish right now!” – BoB

“the smell of you in every dream I dream, I knew if we collided, your the one I decided whose one of my kind” – Train

“if I could rewind both hands of time, I would never find a lovelier design, nothing is lovelier then you” – BoB

“heartbeats, heartbeats, beating hearts with _ _ _ _ , heartbeats, heartbeats” – Grum

those are just to name a few of many songs played right now on my iPhone jammin’. I hope this is a good thing. I am not one to do many things but when I do, they are meant to learn from. I just felt I had to get this out but couldn’t speak it out, but I can sure write it out. enjoy.

music for thoughts O_o

Just received an e-mail from a online store where I purchased a case for my iPhone and wrote a review on the product.

I won 2nd place!! There are sending me another product for winning.

I am trying to see if i can review/test/analyze more of there products for promotional services, to get traffic and purchases to their site.

Hope this works to get “promos” to try out. Here is the e-mail they sent:



“Hello Orland Torres, Xxxxx Xxx-XX,

Please do not hesitate to contact us again for any comments or questions.”
We are sending this messege to inform you that you have won the Second place on the review event of February from
Please choose your prize from this range:
2nd Place (2 reviews)
+Any of one item from our Steinheil selection.
Send us e-mail to let us know what you want for your prize.
Thank you for writing a great review on our product.”
If I can get this promotion thing going this will give me practice for my restaurant review site coming soon.