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today went well. it was a big surprise at that. i took tumbler to the park and he acted really good today. he is normally very jumpy and excited. spent a few hours there and answered a few questions others had about him. went over to a friends house to watch the cowboys play football and decided to make a bbq, i thought my friend was joking when he told me to turn on the fire. i said sure and turned it on. pitched in some money and brought back some chicken to grill. i still haven’t forgotten how to grill. i miss it. went home and am here now getting everything ready for tomorrow morning. it will be the most important morning i have had in a while. well i hope all had a great day, me and tumbler are beat. good night, sleep well & sweet dreams.



I am FINALLY finished after 6 hours of vibrations, cutting and pushing. Felt as if I got run over by a tractor, but in this turmoil I found something that another lost, It felt as if I was on top of a tower and could locate my house from being so high up. while pushing and shoving made things worse for me I couldn’t help but wonder why I found this? but realized how no matter what; we are connect, no matter the distance between us, no matter what we say, no matter what we do, WE ARE A TRINITY. Nothing can break us or move us but ourself. Others have tried and have failed. The bond is so strong that we will soon cover more surface. But as much as we all feel like hell sometimes we still all have each other. Thanks.