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today has been mostly about dealing with the news of yesterday, i will not be at ease until my parents return, they have already been through one scare on their last trip out of the state, i would be there with them, i just don’t have a passport, i know i should have gotten it but i have held it off for too long. since today was not as cheerful i decided to listen to music all day, i still had my new years project to work on. i found several undiscovered songs and wish to use them. i fell asleep listen to music and woke up to take off my headphones and here the thunder outside, tumbler was scared and kept getting up because the floor would shake. time to get some more sleep, good night and dream freely.



when i went running this morning with tumbler i came across a wallet on the floor; well in the street. i assumed it was from the students that lived across the street since they are always having house parties, it was too early to go knock on their door and wake them and plus i had to get ready for school myself, i figured i would just knock and drop it off after i got back from class. sure enough after school made me some lunch and had to take tumbler out; there was someone outside who looked as if they were in search for something, i quickly ran inside to grab the wallet and walked over to the house when the guy waved and i asked him if he was looking for a wallet. he said “yeah!!!!!!” i had mentioned to him that i had found it while running in the morning and quickly saw the sigh of relief in him when i handed him the wallet. it was like a thousand pounds were of his back and had a huge smile and couldn’t stop thanking me. i tried to find an id but he just had a military card, a credit card and money. i hope something good will come of it.

solo para ti O_o

damn I worked so hard but¬†apparently¬†not hard enough to get all my assignments in, most I got I just needed a little bit of more time, like another hour. well that was only week 1 work of homework and we had the test today which for sure I missed 2 questions because I couldn’t remember a simple formula that was (-b/2a) who does that, com’on, really?! & that started off the whole problem to the rest of the answers and did what I remembered. I know it wasn’t enough. can I kick myself in the ass. YES!!! I have always been told, better luck next time, well you know what?! if I can’t this done right the first time, how do you think I am going to get it next time. AND on a side note, I was told this would be a self-paced course which I was excited for, now; not so much. yes i like going to class, I learn better by seeing problems worked out and examples, but when rushing to make your schedule work it stresses out others, not just me. but I guess thats life, if your left behind, tough, try to be found!

rant O_o