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I know you want me to be successful in life, I am trying my hardest, I hope you can see it. I went to help and we bonded and bonded greatly at that, I learned a lot, I know your trying to help me out best that you can. sometimes it sounds as if your disappointed. I know you gave US everything you possibly could have hoped for. I am not a failure, I just can’t see the challenge up ahead. no one can really. I have been kick and re-kicked way too much. times are changing and I am rising up to the occasion. when have you ever seen me read a book? never until theses past month, I can’t be compared to others, I am still LEARNING. it gets tiresome sometimes. you get tired  physically where I get tired mentally. there total opposites. push me harder then you ever have before because within sometime soon I will be running thing, my hopes and my dreams. I have to take it slow and steady for now, I know jobs are everywhere but the thing is, I am 23 years old and almost a 1/4 of my life has past, the easy stuff has past and now its time to fight and survive out there to get a career where I don’t have to bother with someone else’s doing. I am no longer a puppet for them. it’s DONE. time to learn and move FORWARD.

relaxing O_o

today had turned out really PRODUCTIVE and GREAT. checked in with school for graduation and got my Summer 1 classes semi-locked in, spent a time with SOS and then had to go to work to help out as much as I could. 4 hands are beter then 2!!! was talking and chatting it up with my dad and his contractor came around and come to find out, his wife retired from what I want to pursue, I know that I need two letters of recommendation to move forward, she will be a good reference and need to ask for a second letter; the thrill of finding the next one should be a good game. finished up and safely got home and tried to relax a bit, was able to cool down but still had to do a bit more work before I could come to a complete STOP.

winnernotloser O_o

in these past 3 hours i have found out so much about ME and how scary it will be to accept this and finally move on to bigger and better things…if that is what comes next after GRADUATING. It has taken me this long with a kick and a needed shove to create a drive and push to finally complete this! I see what goes on around and I think I am officially ready to JUMP off the ledge and take a leap into the REAL REAL WORLD, where CAREERS are MADE and ENDED.

to moving forward,