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good afternoon folks, just reporting in how i am doing. last night i crashed out on the bed, i didn’t realize i was very tired. i was woken up to a knock at the door around noon, there were plans to have brunch and took off to meet my friends to do so, we had just about the biggest brunch taco i have ever seen; if you can imagine. we had a few serious talks and a few of many laughs and then were on our way home to watch the football game, i was awesome because our team we rooted for won, i am here now trying to read and take notes while watching the game. it is quite exciting, i am on top of my school work while being with friends, never thought i would be able to manage that, there are future plansĀ arisingĀ each and every break. i really do need to get my work done so don’t think i can join the late night because of a quiz on wednesday and am almost done with my reading. just may stay in but i will have to see how it goes. i hope all have a good day, and if it is your birthday have a good one as well.