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last night, well really this morning was crazy, fell asleep early last night without saying anything and woke up in the middle of the night with a crazy sound. sounded like bats fighting or something not so happy. wasn’t cats, dogs or birds because i know what that sounds like. it was around five in the morning when i heard it and of course tumbler heard it to and that proved that it wasn’t my imagination or dream. what sucked too was i was in the middle of a good dream but that’s another story for another day. well lately tumbler (my dog for those who read this and don’t know who that might be…lol) has been way over protective, i read a horoscope on dogs (don’t ask why) and it said he would be getting a stronger bond with his owner. it’s not the protection where you can’t get near us but when me and my brother or aunt play around he get in between us and tries to protect me by barking at them. i feel a great sense of security when he is with me for some reason, but those who know me know i am very paranoid about certain things, what ever the case may be, i know the problem but am trying to slowly overcome it. as the day continued i was left home alone while my brother was still sleeping and he heard a car approach, i didn’t because i was listen to music with my earphones and about thirty seconds later he heard the door open and began barking very loudly… he scared me half to death but it was just my cousin wanting to know some info on his car. with each day me and him are getting to exercise outside, even though it may be playing catch or just running wild; i feel beter, well my heart does, it doesn’t feel all slow and weak when it’s working like it did way back in the day, i figured out that even though i gave up fast food, i sneak a chicken sandwich about once a week when i have a huge craving, i do need my fatty acids too lol, but have not felt the urge to eat red meat, i think i can fully commit to becoming a vegetarian but as long as i still have my chicken and fish. maybe after many times i can get where i want to be. in conclusion here is to challenge number one for me and on to continuing step one and starting step two tomorrow.

to my being O_o

some holiday this has been, a crappy one, i lay here writing this listen to music loudly because no one is here to tell me to turn it down. it started off with my parents arriving way early in the morning and deciding to leave when the sunrise would appear. they were telling me what they were going to do but was barely paying attention, i was halfway dreaming and half way awake. then *poof* they were gone. when i awoke i thought it was a lucid dream, it felt super real. well in reality it was. woke up to a dark and cold lonely deserted house with my dog sleeping near me, he looked so peaceful; dreaming of bones and swimming, that i tried to get up quietly and tried not to wake him. he senses me when i wake up all the time, as if we have a connected energy field that are simultaneously in sync with each other, he stretches then i stretch or vise versa. this is a trait or gift that i have with all living things. after that i get up and start on my homework.

after some time working the little guy says *rawr* and decide to make some brunch. decided to make something quick and made some tacos and gave him his portion of food for his brunch with a side dish of water. then went back to work.  a few hours later it was dinner time, didn’t have much to prep since i wasn’t feeding an army this time around but just for one and his dog. all i could find in the fridge was red meat and red meat products and discovered a hidden package that was successfully chicken, threw that together and prepped his next portion for dinner and his ice cold water. during that i open my computer and threw it on netflix, we began watching old school videos that popped up on the instant watch list. while watching that he decided to join me on the couch and lay across my legs to watch the movie. that movie brought back a lot of childhood memories.

on of the things on the movie towards the end was very intriguing to me, it was said that “things happen in your life that you can’t stop but it’s no reason to shut out the world” – crazy pete sims, which i now find to be very true, i have shut out a lot of people in my life in the past but after a certain incident i changed who i was and changed into the person i am and all know today. i learned to never hold grudges, to be considerate, also that the world doesn’t revolve around me and lots more. i have accepted a lot of imperfections i carry on my shoulders but pick up more weight each time i accept any, a repeating cycle that i think will never stop. i think! with each passing day i see what i see and do what i do to make the attempt to be on top, the struggle and mountain is there, but i know one day i can conquer it. as well as other mountain climbing expeditions that may come in my path of stepping. in conclusion i was just reminiscing and am wondering what will happen when the drive is complete? i don’t know and wonder if i should be afraid?!

to the now O_o

was working on Shelby today, well for most of the day, didn’t think putting on 4 shoes would take so long, but it did, by the end of it was covered in dust from head to toe. in a way i looked like a a spotted tiger, hahahahaha in that whole time working and fixing the brakes got bumps, cut and maybe even bruises, but for sure will have scars for it. i see them now after scrubbing off the dirt and grime and laugh, how i took something so simple and made it so complex. but what was even stranger was that throughout the time working I had forgotten to eat, it never phased me, my stomach never made a sound or a movement, i was so focused on completing the task in front of me that it reminded me of school, if i can put that much dedication and time into my studies i am sure to make it out on top, but i didn’t do it all myself, since i had no car to move around in i had to ask my dad for help. hated to since he was tired from getting home from work but he saw me struggling and dirty that he was thoughtful enough to ask if i needed help, father’s day was around the corner an didn’t want him to strain or make him even more tired and just asked him if he could make a quick run to the auto-parts store to get me a spring that i needed. finally finished, scrubbed out of my clothes and washed up and finally headed to get some food, was starving. that was my adventure for today, what was yours like?

to healing scars O_o

today felt what I thought not so good day, had totally forgot to eat and skipped out on breakfast and lunch and got busy cleaning from installing 2 couches that were purchased yesterday. then got in the spirit of cleaning and cleaned my dog and washed and waxed my car and was told that I would be joining my family for a 50th Anniversary of their aunt and uncle being married, finished what I had too and got ready, was done getting ready and were on our way. they lived out super far and knew I should publicly post something to let people know where I would be at in case they needed to get a hold of me. arrived and had to get through the awkward part of the gathering, the meeting of all my unconnected cousins. well got through that! then came the food, since i gave up red meat I was the first one to get served since all I was able to have was sides. they rocked! got to chatting it up and began talking about school, life, money, etc in a very intelectual manner with my cousin who is also 23 and tried to inspire my 18 year old cousin who helps his dad out at a tire shop (family owned and operated) to go to school because if he graduates and can’t find a job there will always be one waiting for him there, the night went on. nearly had what I thought could have been a heart attack but counted and slowed down my heart rate and on the drive home again it happened but not as drastic and after that gave me a headache, arrived home hunting for my Tylenol bottle and popped in two, made me feel happy, tingly and nervous. the day turned out okay and even better just right now. =O> and was reminded about my reading resolution and after writing this am continuing to finish the book. in conclusion, the things that are missed are never forgotten.

catching up & caring O_o

woke up around 1 pm-ish, I felt very bland, got up washed up and went back to bed, tried to see if I could sleep a little bit longer while I had the house to myself for a good while now. opened my computer a little after 24 hours of me being away from it, I wished some old friends a happy birthday. got a text from a friend seeing how I was doing and if I needed someone to talk to, didn’t feel like talking much and then it felt like the tv was calling my name, I refused to turn it on and began to watch shows I had missed yesterday on hulu. I  was able to rest peacefully until about 4 pm, people began arriving, my dog knew something was wrong with me because he kept trying to get my attention by licking me, so I began talking to him. he was cheerful after a bit of playing with him. shortly after that I was called by my friend and we went running in the park, it helped a little to ease this feeling, when we returned we decided since it was Wednesday we would try to go $1.00 bowling but when we arrived we found out there was no such thing and the clerk at me like I was crazy and said it was $45.65 for 3 people and 2 pairs of rental shoes. we were like SEE’YAH!!! we decided since we all hadn’t eaten that we would try too, we ended up finding a Wing Stop and ate while my brother & brother from another mother enjoyed watching the basketball I couldn’t help but wonder … and wished you would receive these mental notes. be safe, it is time for me to sign off, work in the morning, I hope.

trying O_o

today begins the hardest road of my life, recently I have been skipping the morning and noon time to indulge myself. I have been finding to smell of all food disgusting and the sight of food gross. also have not been feeling well after eating red meat but other food (poultry or seafood) have no effect on me at all, analyzing it more; me of all people turning down some food, when I would usually say any food i eat “fills the cracks of the heart.” I began thinking while working that all I need to survive is water, but how long can I go on for without food?! everyone keeps asking what is wrong with me, if I knew I would tell them. I think now that I am hard at work and busting my tail and breaking a sweat I am releasing all my bad things in my body and dropping weight, I have already dropped a waist size and 7 pounds in water weight. I am liking the dropping of the weight because it makes me feel better (mentally & physically) but not liking that I can not eat when I should be. it scares me that I could possibly have something wrong (heart, diabetes or stomach problem) with me. I have been in a nutrition class and give others advice on how to eat BUT TODAY MAY 17, 2010 MARKS THE DAY OF CHANGE (also marks 3 months after my birthday; that is irrelevant), it is my turn to have the ridicule STOP dead in its tracks because looking in the mirror everyday is getting to be a spiteful thing. I now want my health to be good, a good health brings good fortune and good waves of energy. I want to live a long, healthy and prosperous life like all the successful beings out there.

here is to CHANGE & LIVING O_o will be launching on April 1, 2010. am super excited to say this, site has been Under Minor Construction but now has fully gone Under Major Construction. Enjoy reading my staffs reviews as well as mine, if need be, contact us if you have a location for us to try out and see if it seeks our approval. #StuffYourFace

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