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continuing from my other post. the more my parents talk about what happened the more angrier i got with my family. well actually i am more disgusted with them. i can’t stand when people segregate or discriminate for what ever reason. i know i have said it when i was younger and never knew the connotation behind it until one day i was threatened with my life and it is when i asked the principal what it meant. she explained to me what it was and ever since then had learned my lesson.

on a side note i am just glad that my parents and rest of the family is home safely. i had completed everything i needed to do while my parents were away and what they asked me to do too. i was a little inspired and started on a new project that will debut soon. i hope all had a good day, it is late and going to fall asleep soon. good night and sweet dreams.


dear whomever it may concern,

my christmas wasn’t so great. but i am not going to complain, even though i received nothing i am still slightly grateful i was able to spend it with my family. my little brother wasn’t able to come home, now i know what he felt like when i or my older brother was not able to visit. i do understand times are tough, people got to work and stuff has to get done. i know i shouldn’t brag about how great this day is and i won’t because what would have made it complete would be my little brother show up. i was able to spend time with tumbler too, this has been one of the greatest day for tumbler though, he was spoiled with care, food, shelter and playtime. we are now getting ready to go to sleep and he is laying down at feet keeping them warm. i hope all go what they asked santa for. i know i did because i asked for nothing but to spend time with my family and dog. i hope friends received what i sent out to them in time. it is time to say my goodbyes and wake up fo another day closer to a new year. if you didn’t know i love you. i don’t know how to say it any better. i hope all had a great christmas and to all good night and sweet dreams.

thank you,



i can’t get this application to work, i thought you would make this easy for me microsoft word. but it looks like you chose the hard way, i have looked online and just about anywhere and everywhere for a product key. i will have to try again tomorrow or i will have to go to the library to see if i can borrow a computer from them to type and send my work. today was my last day of school. i wont get my results until tuesday since the professor gave a few people an extra day to take the final who skipped.

i just read your blog, yeah that is what time my alarm usually goes off but i don’t get out of bed right away. yeah i do remember that mental or body-connection we had. lol. i remember it just about everyday and wonder if it still existed and apparently it does and that is some freakyness. lol.

i hope all had a good day. time to get some rest, not really sure what i m going to tomorrow but maybe something productive and maybe i can crack this key code and get some free applications. have a good night and sweet dreams. & to you especially. =)



I returned back to work today after having the weekend off, I couldn’t help but think today was a start of a new month, which means new things to come. I am nervous and excited to be heading back to school, its been a year since I have been off of school, everyone always tells me that once you leave school for a break you never want to return back, that is not my case at all, I just never got help to go back to school, now I have it. with the support of friend(s) & family, I am here, being able to say thanks for believing in me. I am a nervous wreck though, my dad asked me earlier when I was starting and told him next Monday (June 7, 2010) and the butterflies hit my stomach like flock of bees, but at the same time am very excited to go because I am that closer to graduating but it is sad that I will not be able to help my dad out and that breaks me up inside because we are making a good team and not to mention how much I am learning about life and how everything works. in ending this, I think new things are ahead of me. my cookie says so.

to the nearing future O_o will be launching on April 1, 2010. am super excited to say this, site has been Under Minor Construction but now has fully gone Under Major Construction. Enjoy reading my staffs reviews as well as mine, if need be, contact us if you have a location for us to try out and see if it seeks our approval. #StuffYourFace

web page:
email: tastycoma@gmail
twitter: @tastycoma

growing up is a hard thing to do, why can’t we choose what we want to do on our own? why is it that everyone has to give an opinion or throw in their input to what we want to do?? recently have come to the discovery that i am growing up, life around us is evolving. every step is a learning process, can we better ourselves with time, i believe so. does doing something that someone makes you a good person or does something that you enjoy doing make you better and stronger person and with room to grow.

would changing a profession hurt you after many years of concentrating on another?

looking into another profession is hard, but i want to do the things i would enjoy doing instead of doing something because i have too.

“Why do people measure life by the years instead of how good the years were?! What good is it to live to be 100 but you didn’t do anything & you played it safe or lived to be 100 but did the things you loved!”

in all reality i have always thought of becoming a dentist, it came up on several job searches i took, but i followed what others wanted me to do because it was easy to do and was a easy way out. I am getting tired the bickering and nagging that i’m not doing what i am suppose to be doing. I am 1 person with 2 hands and can only do so much for myself. seeing this extra push and drive that 1 person is being given, it returned ten-fold. i am not a kid anymore, the choices we make now effect the future to be, times are changing, if you don’t grasp the change life will slip through your fingers.

“TODAY is a gift; that’s why they call it the PRESENT”

mistakes are made; we are human and there is room for error. whether you learn from it thats is up to the individual who made a wrong because “messing up is what makes a person. it’s how we learn, where we find joy and the things you don’t plan for are things you never see coming”.