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i woke up this morning with hiccups, i know how they happen but its probably been ages since i have had them. i am almost over this sinus build up i have acquired these past couple of days and when i woke up, i was in the weirdest mood. don’t know how to explain it but at best i can describe it as blank, no feeling, no thinking and no daydreaming. i normally do that several times a day, but not today. could it have been from concentrating on christmas and new years around the corner or could have the lunar eclipse had anything to do with it? it was lunar and the moon does control the waves in the ocean and the best thing that calms me down is water. even though i had a to do list on my hands i found other random stuff i had to do and made my list longer. tomorrow there the last minute thing i must do. enough of my rambling i am getting cold and when i get cold i tend to start falling asleep; which is happening now as i keep typing. i hope all had a great day! time for me to hibernate. lol. good night and sweet dreams.



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“i love the way you lie”


i just realized what today was.

blank O_o

It’s 5am and I am laying here lifeless, unable to think at all, I stare at the ceiling and all I can see is blankness. I have stayed away from the computer all day, I am using an app from my phone to write this because I am scared to see what really happened. I am afraid to fall asleep because I am afraid to dream, when I dream I dream well and mean well, I don’t want to be like the book and wake up screaming, but  I know it is killing you inside to see me hurt. going to end with Good Night & sleep well with sweet dreams.

blankness O_o