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how much is too much? there is information one can’t un-know or un-see. part of me tell me he will come out okay and everything will be fine and the other half of me thinks that if it comes to the worse, it would be best to let go and wish for the best. i don’t really know if i am being selfish but it is in your hands now. whatever decision you make will be okay with me as long as i am able to say goodbye.


update: alright world, i have watched you carefully and have done my best to take care of you. now i am putting my fate in you hands. and go!


after my interview grabbed me some lunch, had to run some errands and get groceries, did all that and on my way home my friend called and asked if i wanted to join him to go watch his little brother play football, said sure, was just a little kids game. game went kind of south the whole way through. just let him know to try his best and keep his head up. the game was over and decide to go watch the professional game at his house. just left a little while ago because i am super tired and will be sleeping way early today, got to be up a six in the morning to get ready for my day. everyone be safe where you are, good night, sleep well and dream happy dreams. missing a few people.


been watching a show and realized what this show involved and also made me realize that i have done this kind of work myself without even remembering until now. for some odd reason i have always liked statistics. there are many different algorithms to figure out some statistics and i have constructed some of my own in the past. with this at hand i feel as if i am ready to take school in a whole new different way. in a good way at that. with past classmates we were offered to hand over a copy of our project to the sociology department and would be used for future examples. not sure how many people have seen the work we created but i know something now that i didn’t realize back then. socializing help my work in so many aspects that i know with my future advancements i will follow what i had started and continue with the social experiments and socializing of what is to come, i have seen inspiration before and these ideas are up there with that. i hope to be successful and published one day. it could happen.

best of luck O_o

i used the sky today as a blanket, so to speak. i slept in after pouring out yesterday. i had forgotten how it used to feel. if it isn’t one thing it is always another. this morning was the first time i had a break. i was woken up really early by tumbler and had to take him out to do his business and i went back to bed. i slept in for a little longer and finally got up. i got a phone call that i wasn’t expecting, in a way i was being stubborn, had to go give some payments and took off and after that stopped by a car dealership to ask a few questions. i didn’t get an answer i was looking for and went home to file through some paperwork to find the answer but got discouraged and left it alone. started to make some lunch and decided to eat healthy, after skipping breakfast; which isn’t so good for me, i went on to finish my to do list. returned back home and fell asleep on the couch for two hours by accident, since it wasn’t dinner time yet, was given the idea to go running, rounded up tumbler and his toy and took a drive. arrived at our usual spot and began, was able to complete my goal of four long laps. i was super beat when i got home. had my starch for the day, which consisted of a plain baked potato. hadn’t had one in a really long time. we stared up in the sky for a bit before we left, even though my best friend couldn’t talk, we had a blast. the day is coming to an end and it is almost time for bed. i love you too tumbler. wouldn’t trade you in for anything. in conclusion dog truly is mans’ best friend. doesn’t talk back, but listens, likes to play and is great company.

to mans’ best friend O_o

was sent a message, wanting to know how I have been doing? sort of spilt the beans, looks like I am doing well from the outside from what they see and read but from the inside; not so much, had a strange dream last night which try to tell me something, can’t really remember it put just parts, but realized that today has been a month, but doesn’t feel like it, it feels strange, still as if it was just a couple days ago, several days have felt as if they have combined together and merged into one, have only had two fridays that I have free but even though there free I am busy. I thought I just wanted a break. sleeping is harder everyday, keep waking up in sweats and falling back asleep and wake up again several times and by the last wake up I have to start getting ready for school. everyone is telling me to do the impossible. I am doing my best and trying but it is hard work, there are things we hide from others but some know, based on their inner instincts. in conclusion even though what happened happened, it has always been said that it happened for a reason.

to knowing the unknown O_o

wow just realized that people do believe, but what can I do? I am doing my best and trying, not too many people try. but it’s my turn to shine!!!! thank you.

iLUVy’all O_o

I said what I needed to say. it feels like a huge pressure is off my back now. I am feeling better knowing what I know now. I couldn’t fight the feeling, I just knew I had too. everyone will disagree with what I am about to do, I am standing up and listening to me now. I laid the monkey down to rest off my shoulders. it feels right. I am me, I will not be the person everyone wants me to be because y’all feel that is what is best for me. I know what is best for me. live with it folks! it is my turn to shine. =O)

knowing O_o

after seeing a movie with my girlfriend last night; it was very inspiring and would dislike very much to feel the way the character felt, I have come to the conclusion that I would not like YOU to be mad or angry with ME anymore, I am trying my hardest. I know you don’t see it but I keep kicking myself in the ass everyday trying to figure ME out, I am very close and I CAN FEEL IT. I just need a little bit of more time. I would like to hear that you are proud of me…ONE DAY.