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it has been a while since I have touched my DJ programs, today was super inspired, it is still a huge work in progress and will be, I forgot how much hard work I used to put into my mixxxes, so far I am downloading and trying to put a one hour or less mixxx together. I have named it “Nucleus Vasculous” once I have the album art and mixxx completed I will posted up for everyone to enjoy. got some new unreleased tracks of new hit pop songs. in conclusion I have to get back to mastering this. will be in an ear near you.

djHemi O_o

Just received an e-mail from a online store where I purchased a case for my iPhone and wrote a review on the product.

I won 2nd place!! There are sending me another product for winning.

I am trying to see if i can review/test/analyze more of there products for promotional services, to get traffic and purchases to their site.

Hope this works to get “promos” to try out. Here is the e-mail they sent:



“Hello Orland Torres, Xxxxx Xxx-XX,

Please do not hesitate to contact us again for any comments or questions.”
We are sending this messege to inform you that you have won the Second place on the review event of February from
Please choose your prize from this range:
2nd Place (2 reviews)
+Any of one item from our Steinheil selection.
Send us e-mail to let us know what you want for your prize.
Thank you for writing a great review on our product.”
If I can get this promotion thing going this will give me practice for my restaurant review site coming soon.