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I live in San Antonio. was born Feb. 17, Very Happily Taken, I am a College Student (@orlandot) & I also DJ (@djhemi), I have a great appreciation for cars, trucks & tech stuff. I successfully own 3 websites, I write reviews for restaurants, I create & edit pictures, I am fond of photography, architecture & art, fitness/health, & like all types of music. I have a dog named TUMBLER (@tumbledog), he’s a Boxer/Lab mix. Like everyone else, I enjoy movies (car, action, suspense, Disney, heist, comedy, etc) also enjoy the great outdoors; throwing the football around, golfing, tennis, basketball, baseball, even just being outside on the grill cooking; which I may add that I like to cook (grilling is my specialty), I can’t stay inside for to long because I get claustrophobic easily from doing nothing.
Friends say I have a laid back & easy going attitude, which I couldn’t agree more. I am upfront about everything, I will tell you straight up, but I do know when to shut my mouth & avoid confrontation.

– orlando.torres

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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