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Monthly Archives: August 2011

“I’ve been a walking heartache. I’ve made a mess of me. The person that i’ve been lately a’int who I want to be.”

music epiphany O_o

It’s all gone. Everything I though I had and worked so hard for, GONE! DONE! FINISHED! NO MORE! Feeling like a plastic bag. Lifeless, empty, used, etc. When will this feeling end?

hard times O_o

I guess yesterday’s paper was right. Was going to feel like I was hit by a bus. It’s only at the end of the day where I can piece every thing together.

it happened again O_o

Went to my follow up today. It’s kind of scary but stitches are out, and now it is time to heal. Other medication were prescribed for infection. I have to keep wounds clean and shouldn’t be a problem says the doctor.

post-op O_o

Recovery was tough. Got through the pain without medication, when ingested it made things worse. Post-op in a few days to remove stitches and heal some more. I Survived.

Never Let Them See You Bleed O_o

Well, Here goes!

Love You O_o

Already fasting for tomorrow morning and getting a headache. I can only have water after finishing my dinner until the next few days. Just hoping for stable results to follow through with the rest.

anxious O_o