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Monthly Archives: July 2011

There is only so much that I can donate to science, but there will be two things I absolutely can not give away, as much as science would want them and need them I can not bare to know that someone will have what I once did.

can’t do it O_o

Well the day has finally come. I passed all my exams and was cleared for surgurey next week. I have been dreading this moment but now it looks as if it’s written in black and white in the appointment book. I am nervous yet excited to know that after this I don’t have to worry any more and can rest easier.

whatever happens O_o

I think I have finally come to discover why clowns are one of my biggest fears. It all started back many many years ago; I was a child and I was about to go to sleep when I remember it was a month before Halloween I saw an advertisement that had a clown on it with candies for sale. I thought nothing of it at the time. I went to sleep and while asleep, I had a dream that I was at a recreation center for a birthday party and was having a blast with all the other kids and my family when a clown surprised the center and nearly scared me half to death. I remember running back to my family and just remember the feeling as if the clown was chasing me and then I woke up. After some time awake of the freight I went back to sleep. That next day we went over to my cousins house and I was tricked into watching “IT” and from then, all I could remember was the paranoid feeling of being chased and watched by clown(s). Til this day I am still weirded out by clowns with tons of make up because I don’t know the person under the make up and what they’re capable of doing.

phobia O_o

It’s 2:00 AM and my mind is running a million miles at a time. The only thing keeping me sane is …


I can not change the inevitable but it looks as if the move is soon to arrive. I wish it wouldn’t. But not really sure what will happen?! Well, what ever does happen, good or bad, here goes!


I wonder how other peoples’ lives would be if I was not around?