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Monthly Archives: April 2011

What Happened To Me?!?!?!?!


It has come to the point where anything and everything I do is about to make me crack. Everywhere I look there is a curve ball thrown at me. I am pretty sure I broke down today; couldn’t tell if it was reality or just a part of my imagination?! As musch as a joyful pass time today was, that all it was, just another day. Another regular day like all the others. I feel restless, heavy on my mind, body and soul. I lose myself in gravity sometimes. I have never felt like this. Like everything I do or touch just crumbles. I wish I could say I have a perfect life; well I don’t. So many words I have to eat and keep inside. On that note, Good Bye.


the heart is the capital of the mind. the mind is a single state. the heart and the mind together make a single continent. – E. Dickinson