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today has been good and lazy; well sort of. woke up this morning an went for a run, it felt cool; not too hot, not too cold. i was able to get a mile in maybe more but when i was back at the house, my friend was still asleep, he said he was sleeping in last night because he had a lot of work to do today, i bet when trying to get a ph.d! so i made my way into the house quietly, and got cleaned up, took a seat on the couch and took a nap. was woken up by his dog. he threw a veggie omelet together and we had breakfast together and started working, time flew by while we were both working. it was quite swell to see how much work i was able to complete with some peace and quiet. it amazed me! well there were plans thrown around to have dinner together and then hours later they came through and made a sit down dinner with my second family and went back to do more work while following it up with some mad men. this show is great and i am hooked now. has been a busy weekend and there is more to come. for now this is me signing off and wishing everyone to have a great and safe night. good night.


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