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been trying not to think. it hurts not to bit I needed some time to really think, I remember bring told I was a thinker, indeed I am, like the rest of my family, we see big thing, we dream big things, and we are all in some way connected. little bit of this and a little bit of that. like my older sibling once told me he never like to actually do work bit liked to create the work, even though I may not quite follow in his footsteps I am near close to his ideals, we think alike, been trying to figure me out all day that I have given myself a headache, it hurts and I think I know what shall be my next move. I am looking at all the surrounding items that would go with the decision, good and bad. in conclusion I have yet to make up my mind and am processing every piece by piece.

let’s see what we create O_


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