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damn I worked so hard but apparently not hard enough to get all my assignments in, most I got I just needed a little bit of more time, like another hour. well that was only week 1 work of homework and we had the test today which for sure I missed 2 questions because I couldn’t remember a simple formula that was (-b/2a) who does that, com’on, really?! & that started off the whole problem to the rest of the answers and did what I remembered. I know it wasn’t enough. can I kick myself in the ass. YES!!! I have always been told, better luck next time, well you know what?! if I can’t this done right the first time, how do you think I am going to get it next time. AND on a side note, I was told this would be a self-paced course which I was excited for, now; not so much. yes i like going to class, I learn better by seeing problems worked out and examples, but when rushing to make your schedule work it stresses out others, not just me. but I guess thats life, if your left behind, tough, try to be found!

rant O_o


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