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I returned back to work today after having the weekend off, I couldn’t help but think today was a start of a new month, which means new things to come. I am nervous and excited to be heading back to school, its been a year since I have been off of school, everyone always tells me that once you leave school for a break you never want to return back, that is not my case at all, I just never got help to go back to school, now I have it. with the support of friend(s) & family, I am here, being able to say thanks for believing in me. I am a nervous wreck though, my dad asked me earlier when I was starting and told him next Monday (June 7, 2010) and the butterflies hit my stomach like flock of bees, but at the same time am very excited to go because I am that closer to graduating but it is sad that I will not be able to help my dad out and that breaks me up inside because we are making a good team and not to mention how much I am learning about life and how everything works. in ending this, I think new things are ahead of me. my cookie says so.

to the nearing future O_o

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