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today felt what I thought not so good day, had totally forgot to eat and skipped out on breakfast and lunch and got busy cleaning from installing 2 couches that were purchased yesterday. then got in the spirit of cleaning and cleaned my dog and washed and waxed my car and was told that I would be joining my family for a 50th Anniversary of their aunt and uncle being married, finished what I had too and got ready, was done getting ready and were on our way. they lived out super far and knew I should publicly post something to let people know where I would be at in case they needed to get a hold of me. arrived and had to get through the awkward part of the gathering, the meeting of all my unconnected cousins. well got through that! then came the food, since i gave up red meat I was the first one to get served since all I was able to have was sides. they rocked! got to chatting it up and began talking about school, life, money, etc in a very intelectual manner with my cousin who is also 23 and tried to inspire my 18 year old cousin who helps his dad out at a tire shop (family owned and operated) to go to school because if he graduates and can’t find a job there will always be one waiting for him there, the night went on. nearly had what I thought could have been a heart attack but counted and slowed down my heart rate and on the drive home again it happened but not as drastic and after that gave me a headache, arrived home hunting for my Tylenol bottle and popped in two, made me feel happy, tingly and nervous. the day turned out okay and even better just right now. =O> and was reminded about my reading resolution and after writing this am continuing to finish the book. in conclusion, the things that are missed are never forgotten.

catching up & caring O_o


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