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is falling back to sleep twice after waking up considered sleep deprivation? I recently wasn’t able to sleep because was scared to dream. I was lost for a bit and at the botom of a mountain but am now finding a path up the mountain. thinkers say “everything happens for a reason” as true as it may be, every song playing on shuffle right now keeps talking about the same thing, Why? & When?& Change? and other things that irrelevant to this, but the two times today and yesterday I had two instances; 4 in total, where I awoke and fell back asleep due to a crazy and unsatisfying portion of my dream that made no sense what so ever. I did some research on a happy portion of the dream but refused to look at the bad side of it, did that mean that my optimistic look of thing weighed in factor, that I only choose to see the good. is this even a healthy way to look at things? I can see the beauty in a lot of things, but not this time so I awake from my slumber and wonder, what does it mean? is it good or bad? in that process fall back asleep and awake with someone or something finally waking me up because it is late in the day. I know physically everything feels okay with me but medically I am not so sure, people say I should get a little help and/or talk to someone, but every time I make the attempt too, I get judged, shot down, ridiculed, laughed at, say I am many things I am not. what is up with that? I have learned that WE ALL need someone in our life to help us grow, learn, live, laugh or love but too what extreme? with ending I know we can not see what is ahead in the future but seems as if “it always rains hardest on those who deserve the most sun.” – Jill Conner

waking up O_o


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  1. Sometimes dreams reveal inner turmoil, anxiety, fear, guilt, dread all acted out by the characters and plots of the dream. There are the positive, entertaining, delightful ones too. Some times the subconscious gives itself what it can’t have as a wish fulfillment dream. We have no control. Most of the time they are just dreams that have no particular meaning so don’t fret. I have had many as precognition and the events actually did occur.Freaky. One was election 2000 Bush/Gore. When I fell asleep I predicted we would not know the winner tomorrow and not for weeks and weeks. Wow, huh? I sleep better since triple by-pass. Perhaps there are physiological reasons for not being oxygenated enough. And physical exercise and brain exercise(not the job but the crossword puzzle or a novel ) help slow down the mind as sleep preparation. There may be unresolved issues that keep us awake but the effect of such things as sleep inhibitors should evaporate if we compartmentalize worrying time and doing things toward resolution should bring some serenity too. In today’s hurry noisy world just 2 wake ups is darn good so snooze.

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