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that was the most intriguing events I had ever seen, spoke out super loud. what I thought the moral of the show was about CHOICE. “yes or no? in or out? live or die? hero or coward? fight or give up? everyday are made up of choices.” during the show a few people were shot, with me knowing what I know about a situation like this, it is nothing compared to the real thing. it got me thinking, had I made the right choice in getting out at the right time to where I wouldn’t be put in that situation. I have seen too much and have been through too much to know what I want and that is to protect my life and others who care about my life. it is a scary and motionless thing to think about it. I know I am going for a “safer” path but I know everywhere we are we are not safe. I just try to be preventative and stay positive but I know my paranoia takes a big part of me.

paranod O_o


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