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today marked a great day, I knew it was here. I had fallen asleep and then woke back up around 3 am and couldn’t get back to sleep and stayed up until 6am. started thinking about what needed to be done today, tired myself out by thinking so much that I had forgotten to turn on my alarm on my phone. I was sleeping when I got the call to get up but I woke up too late and missed my chance of going to work. I didn’t know what to do and began to finish a tv show and forgotten to eat something. I had way too many cravings that I almost gave in, I wanted to have it all but all I could here was a voice saying not to go against what I set out for myself. it made me realize I can do what I set out to by just knowing I can. set off to the store and bought something healthy to make for dinner. made it and feel better and full with a plate of food.

woah O_o

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