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woke up around 1 pm-ish, I felt very bland, got up washed up and went back to bed, tried to see if I could sleep a little bit longer while I had the house to myself for a good while now. opened my computer a little after 24 hours of me being away from it, I wished some old friends a happy birthday. got a text from a friend seeing how I was doing and if I needed someone to talk to, didn’t feel like talking much and then it felt like the tv was calling my name, I refused to turn it on and began to watch shows I had missed yesterday on hulu. I  was able to rest peacefully until about 4 pm, people began arriving, my dog knew something was wrong with me because he kept trying to get my attention by licking me, so I began talking to him. he was cheerful after a bit of playing with him. shortly after that I was called by my friend and we went running in the park, it helped a little to ease this feeling, when we returned we decided since it was Wednesday we would try to go $1.00 bowling but when we arrived we found out there was no such thing and the clerk at me like I was crazy and said it was $45.65 for 3 people and 2 pairs of rental shoes. we were like SEE’YAH!!! we decided since we all hadn’t eaten that we would try too, we ended up finding a Wing Stop and ate while my brother & brother from another mother enjoyed watching the basketball I couldn’t help but wonder … and wished you would receive these mental notes. be safe, it is time for me to sign off, work in the morning, I hope.

trying O_o

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