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I never thought this would happen to me, you sprung this on me real quick, I was expecting something good to come of this, it will be hard to fully heal. I know I said I didn’t know what I was feeling at the time, I ruled out everything possible, I am not angry because you were good to me, I am not happy because this happened all so fast and was broadsided by it, I am sad and hurt this had to happen to me when I thought everything was going well, I left space because I thought you needed it from working so hard at everything you do. I know I can’t force you to love me, that is something that has to be found about oneself within oneself. like you said it was better for you to figure it out now then later on where it could have been really worse. you have taught and told me a lot and will use everything and I will take it all to heart. no matter this turn out, you were there for me when I needed you the most. I will heal … ONE DAY and as for now, all I can do try and heal from this. it’s been said “let love go and if it returns it was meant to be.” I have no hard feelings and no animosity against you. I will one day be your friend again, just need some time to heal; that is if you will still let me? you are and will always be my true 1st, I will never forget the time we spent together. I LOVE YOU VERONICA.

LOVE, Orlando


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