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I am sorry I am like your other grand kids.

I am sorry for not liking to visit.

I am sorry I show respect.

I am sorry for thing(s).

we turned out okay, we can not drop everything to see you when you do things unexpectedly, our family has good things because we bust our ass to get them. we are not in that game nor will we be to get ahead like some of them think, we can not visit because of situations going on around the area where we would visit you. you/everyone can pass all the judgement they want, your attempt to guilt us in what we can’t do is not a good thing and separates us farther away. it is not the we don’t want to, but we do not like to be involved with family gatherings because of what is hidden by others. yes we can pass a good time, but things are awkward between the family because we know too much. we do not have a perfect family, because NO one has one. everyone else I know likes their G but why can’t you make the effort to accept what you think about us. if I was given the chance to meet my other G but god bless her soul she was taken away before I was even thought of coming to be & I would have like too. I am not saying 12 of the 13 are screw ups but they do things that our family sees as disrespect and should be frowned upon. I am sorry for you loss, I know we couldn’t do more, I never got around to getting a passport like I was asked to because I did not live here & I didn’t want to show up and shed fake caring water when we both know I or my blood(s) felt the same way. sorry for that. we have grown into respectable men that our family has shown us to be and seems like you frown upon us. I know you can not forget about because we are family but respect needs to be given to get earned. take it as you may, we will never stop being judge.

sorry O_o

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