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I know you want me to be successful in life, I am trying my hardest, I hope you can see it. I went to help and we bonded and bonded greatly at that, I learned a lot, I know your trying to help me out best that you can. sometimes it sounds as if your disappointed. I know you gave US everything you possibly could have hoped for. I am not a failure, I just can’t see the challenge up ahead. no one can really. I have been kick and re-kicked way too much. times are changing and I am rising up to the occasion. when have you ever seen me read a book? never until theses past month, I can’t be compared to others, I am still LEARNING. it gets tiresome sometimes. you get tired  physically where I get tired mentally. there total opposites. push me harder then you ever have before because within sometime soon I will be running thing, my hopes and my dreams. I have to take it slow and steady for now, I know jobs are everywhere but the thing is, I am 23 years old and almost a 1/4 of my life has past, the easy stuff has past and now its time to fight and survive out there to get a career where I don’t have to bother with someone else’s doing. I am no longer a puppet for them. it’s DONE. time to learn and move FORWARD.

relaxing O_o

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