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DISPAIR is defined as the complete loss or absence of hope. why does this seem to be happening to me right now; everything was well, but i am not to sure it is just that, i think this feeling is based on Newton’s Law where “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” i am not perfect; i know this; this has been very hard for me to accept for many years and now that i do, different situations pop up, WHAT IS THIS?! WHY? WHO? WHAT? WHERE? & HOW? i don’t know what this feeling is and how to explain it? why is this happening to me? what can i do to change this? where do i go from this slum? and how do i reach this goal? help me understand this algorithm, if i could get a bit of help, i would really like to take charge and change this, insanity is not very pretty. if possible can you lead me to the correct path. this would be very helpful to me. and this could be something to know in the future



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