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I sit here and I can not help but think: WHY?! why is it that I am changing my mind about what I want to do? I choose “this” because it was good for me; was it really?! or was it because I was told to do it because anything “I” wanted to do was a joke to most. as iI mentioned to my -other self- it is my turn to shine, NO MATTER WHAT! why must i kill myself to make ‘them’ happy when what I ask for is too much and get sent on a wild chase in the ‘pen’. THIS stops now! no more, I am putting my foot down, will ‘they’ ACCEPT or DENY? what it may be; I am not pushed over the edge anymore, how much more sacrifice do ‘you’ need? i am giving you my blood and sweat BUT you can not and will not take my heart or soul. I am very close to what my heart and soul desire and then it’s PEACE! and I will not have to speak to that typical mustache face of yours anymore. with a bit more research I will choose of you; like it or not I am going to choose correctly because I RUN ME and THAT’S IT!!



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