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Monthly Archives: March 2010 will be launching on April 1, 2010. am super excited to say this, site has been Under Minor Construction but now has fully gone Under Major Construction. Enjoy reading my staffs reviews as well as mine, if need be, contact us if you have a location for us to try out and see if it seeks our approval. #StuffYourFace

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”for those few moments or less, i’m free; nothing else matters”


I sit here and I can not help but think: WHY?! why is it that I am changing my mind about what I want to do? I choose “this” because it was good for me; was it really?! or was it because I was told to do it because anything “I” wanted to do was a joke to most. as iI mentioned to my -other self- it is my turn to shine, NO MATTER WHAT! why must i kill myself to make ‘them’ happy when what I ask for is too much and get sent on a wild chase in the ‘pen’. THIS stops now! no more, I am putting my foot down, will ‘they’ ACCEPT or DENY? what it may be; I am not pushed over the edge anymore, how much more sacrifice do ‘you’ need? i am giving you my blood and sweat BUT you can not and will not take my heart or soul. I am very close to what my heart and soul desire and then it’s PEACE! and I will not have to speak to that typical mustache face of yours anymore. with a bit more research I will choose of you; like it or not I am going to choose correctly because I RUN ME and THAT’S IT!!


Shout! Let it all out. C’mon, Shout! Shout! Let it all out; these are the things I can do without. C’mon I’m talking to you, C’mon. Let it all out! Shout! Shout! – Tears For Fear


”…is for man kind and ready for damn change” – Young Jeezy

a life changing experience could happen in a flash of a moment, one moment your here and the next your completely somewhere differnt. seeing this first hand changed the way I look at things now, it brought me back to a show of SCRUBS where a patient was diagnosed with an illness and the doctor noted that it could be hereditary & if the patients son wanted to be tested for the illness possibly being fatal. the son refused and let the doctor know “once you know it, you can not unknow it,” which is true! I thought I would never see an experience like this, I had only seen them on tv and how they are potrayed by someones vision. as helpless as you think you are at the moment, the only thing I could think of was that it could have gone a lot worse but greatfully nothing of the worse happened. you will be in my prayers.


”when there is a will there is a way” finally finished cleaning but it looks like a never ending cycle, how long will you stay like this?!


i’m continuing to watch this movie, over heard this saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and it stuns me that society does tell us what we have to look. Why can’t we just be who we want to be?! I have this feeling that everyone around judges and i don’t mind it but it keeps reminding me of a song lyric “its funny how someone else success brings pain, when your no longer involved that person has it all and your just stuck there, just standing there.” I know I am not perfect and lack few qualities but I am doing my best and can only do so much, I AM TRYING, it is the only thing I know how to do. Can you [ACCEPT] this?


lately just been thinking about what I have to do and how I need to get there, but have been thinking so much I feel as if my brain/head is going to explode and go BOOM!!! I need a bomb squad to defuse this ticking bomb. =)


growing up is a hard thing to do, why can’t we choose what we want to do on our own? why is it that everyone has to give an opinion or throw in their input to what we want to do?? recently have come to the discovery that i am growing up, life around us is evolving. every step is a learning process, can we better ourselves with time, i believe so. does doing something that someone makes you a good person or does something that you enjoy doing make you better and stronger person and with room to grow.

would changing a profession hurt you after many years of concentrating on another?

looking into another profession is hard, but i want to do the things i would enjoy doing instead of doing something because i have too.

“Why do people measure life by the years instead of how good the years were?! What good is it to live to be 100 but you didn’t do anything & you played it safe or lived to be 100 but did the things you loved!”

in all reality i have always thought of becoming a dentist, it came up on several job searches i took, but i followed what others wanted me to do because it was easy to do and was a easy way out. I am getting tired the bickering and nagging that i’m not doing what i am suppose to be doing. I am 1 person with 2 hands and can only do so much for myself. seeing this extra push and drive that 1 person is being given, it returned ten-fold. i am not a kid anymore, the choices we make now effect the future to be, times are changing, if you don’t grasp the change life will slip through your fingers.

“TODAY is a gift; that’s why they call it the PRESENT”

mistakes are made; we are human and there is room for error. whether you learn from it thats is up to the individual who made a wrong because “messing up is what makes a person. it’s how we learn, where we find joy and the things you don’t plan for are things you never see coming”.


things come when we are patient and wait. Because messing up is what makes a person, It’s how we learn, where we find joy & the things you don’t plan for are the things you never see coming.