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after watching this, i have come to the realization or had an epiphany if you will, to show that the saying that everyone who is older and wiser says, is beging to set in & set in big time to my thought process, we have all have heard it, “I’m not getting any younger” which I find a whole lot different meaning to these past couple of hours. which is something to be greatful for, no one can really tell you how to live your life, but if that person is giving you advice, it’s because they care about you. listen but do not act until you have thought it completely through because “I RUN ME” and only me, giving advice is a hard thing to do, but if advice is given and you can see it setting in or that person thinking about, then you have done all you can do. if that other person ask for help, don’t just jump to a conclusion and give them an answer to what they want to hear. ask what there thoughts are first to see if it is the same or different then what advice may be coming out of your mouth. but this; after reciting outloud can be what they need, just to here there own thoughts out loud and then for the person to come up with there own decission because if someone thinks something through, it can effect everyone arround them and may not know it.
for the reasons that WE all deserve happiness in our lives, whether it be small or big, “we all deserve it.” every day brings us a life lesson; have you learned yours today?! evreything around us
can be used as inspiration to better ourselfs or even solve a problem. something as simple as one word or a phrase or a quotaion can help us better understand “us, me, I, ourself, etc.”
is change what we are looking for or are we always trying to find someway to adapt to what “society, social media, etc” chooses for us to think?!
none of us are perfect! we all have our own flaws, can we recognize them
or do we get so self involved on what others have to say or think?! with this being said; “to the eye of the beholder” is something I like to say to myself; I see perfection in the little picture that make the big picture. because not everyone can be what society now-a-days has us wanting to be by telling us what to wear, what to smell like, etc. health can be a huge factor in the kind of people we are. most people “want what they can’t have,” this is when jealousy, anger, bitterness, etc. comes in to factor; it’s not a pretty picture at all, if it makes you feel as is YOU think your better then that person who has what you want, then why is it that you don’t have what someone else may have. don’t try to lure your way in and mess something up because fate wasn’t on your side this time and now your miserable because of it.
everyone makes mistakes; we are all human; but there is only two things you can do, you can not alter it, refine it to your liking, etc. “you either learn from it or you run from it” there is always room for change. will you accept it or deny it?! Do you deserve this as much as the next person?!


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