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Monthly Archives: October 2009

I was driving and was coming up to the light at hilderbran and blanco (where my aunt lives near by) and a old guy with glasses and a long with beard was in front of me and asked if i could take him somewhere and the light turned green, I punched the gas but was going very slowly, look in the side mirror to see him trying to get in the back seat of my car and not saying anything, tried to shake the car to knock him off but no go he got inside and I slowed down and asked him to get out of my car 3 times. then I woke up to a racing heart.

what the hell does this mean?


No matter what I do, No matter what I say, No matter for how long. No matter for how short, Populations always seem to discourage, The facts are blissful to one another. STOP! & think back when you did this?! You felt unstoppable! I feelUNSTOPPABLE. Let it be. MOVE ON TO ANOTHER MATTER. Not my matter.


Woke up today (October 18) with the best dream in the world. Was on a bridge/pier with the best thing that has happen to me in a really long time. Was either sunset/sunrise but was windy, her hair was rustling in the wind. Stood behind her and was holding her close, looked at her and she smiled at me and I smiled back and held her closer in my arms as if I was never to let go. We both looked at the SUN and then I woke up.  But woke up with the biggest SMILE on my face & BUTTERFLIES in my stomach.

Does this mean we are going to be HAPPY together?

I really hope so!

The Brightest Star

“…I am so scared…, you are winning… The pure happiness I feel, the butterflies…I didn’t think that existed anymore and I thank you a billion times for bringing me this SUNSHINE. To having new feelings_(s.o.s.)”

My Response:We could all use a little SUNSHINE in our day,
it can help us brighten the day & make the day,
or it can be used as a guiding light for the day,
or can be used to warm you up for the day,
or help you see what can’t be seen that day,
but most important you always know where it is during the day.
yet the SUNSHINE smiles back at you when you smile at it everyday.