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WTF Mate!

Well I Dont Know!

Well Today Was Wack…Went To Car Hell (Junkyard) In Search For A Header For My Dads Truck..

We Went To An Import Cars Store To Find A Piece From A Fan That Was Missing From My Car…

When I Hit The DAMN Buck (a Male Deer)…My Car Was So Messed Up…Just Put It This Way…

When I Saw The Damage I Was Yelling…But After Much Riding Around…The Car Is Almost Fixed

We Need To Finish Up The Fixing The A/C…& Then Im Getting Rid Of SCRAPPY (My Car)…

Well I Am Going To Search For A Truck…To Throw Some D’s On It….LOL…But Nah…

Well Anywho I Wan A Truck…Or A ’07 Mazda Spped 3….Mabye During Summer Ill Get It….

Whatever…You Know Whatever Happens, Happens!

Well…Thats My Story For The Day…Enjoyed It Or Not….I Dont Care…

Was Just Giving An Insight Into My Day….LOL. Had Made Other Plans But They

Were A Bust….!

Whoop Whoop! =O(

Well Toddles!


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