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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Friday Night: I went out to the movies to go see Smokin’ Aces (Awesome Movie By The Way, A Must See!) on my way back home I went to Sonic, I bought 2 drinks and a large order of onion rings, anywho I saw the Blockbuster while I was waiting for my stuff, After paying I went, it was closed! On my way back home, i went through Hwy 46 (one of several roads to get to my house) Not more than two miles ahead, I see a car turning onto what I think is Old Boerne Road, when all of a sudden I see the car roll over into a 10 foot hill. I stopped as quick as I could, it was a lady, her head was all bloody from were she had rolled 8 – 10 times. Me and a guy that was behind me pulled her out of the car. The mans wife called the police, we attempted to calm her down, she kept asking if she was dead and her mom was going to kill her for what she had done, I told her to forget about the car you can fix the car you cant fix you, a sheriff arrived asking questiond, he asked for her name?, she said Cindy Cunningham, where she was?, she said No, did she know what happened?, the lady studdard…EMS arrived, they put her in the strecther after checking her out, they had to call AirLife. They asked us if we had saw everything, we said yes, we gave them our information just in case, they said we were good to go, I realiized I had her blood over my hands, jackect and shirt, one of the EMS guys said here, i washed my hands with some special soap. They said if we have any qestions we will give you a call, they said your free to go. So I did. But the wierdest thing is that last also I help out a girl that was stuck pn a gaurd rail on N Hwy 281 and Summer Glen subdavision, I never got her name but she said she was running for Miss Teen Fiesta, She also said the same thing, that her mom was going to kill her because of wat she did to the car…this was last friday night around midnight. Hopefully both of the ladys are well and God bless them.