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Monthly Archives: January 2007

On Saturday around 7:00 pm, I left my house to go to my cousin’s for Reyes Magos (when the three kings arrive to give the gifts to Jesus) they were throwing a little get-together for La Familia (the family). On my way there I left my house heading down the street (passing Indian Creek Lane and before Rahe Primary Elementary School) when all of a suden a buck (male deer) charged out in front of the North bound lane and into the South bound lane which me and my lil’ bro were headed to San Antonio. I was unable to brake in time when “BAMM!” I hit the buck. I took his legs out from under him and his body smashed all of the front of my car….I pulled off to the side of the road when my lil’ bro told me to wait in the car so he could see the damage first. I got out and my car was all *FUCKED UP* I hollered and yelled out…FUCK! Just see the damage & I was only going 35 mph! At the momment the car is driveable but a lil’ messed up! The Damages: No A/C, 2 New Headlamps, New Hood, New Fans, New Radiator (mabye if not punctured), New Grill. Take A Look!