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We were driving to my aunt’s house down 281 & it was raining. A lightning bolt struct! The median lights went out & we couldn’t see the road ahead of us. There were cars on the far right lane & they were stopped. We didn’t pay attention when all of a sudden we hit a low water crossing on 281 & Nakoma. We stalled out & the car hydro planed. Luckily there was no one in the other lanes next to us except for the car & truck that were stalled out on the far right. When we hydo planed we “floated” to the left. I turn the car keys off so that the stalled engin would start up again. I turned the key to start the car but it took a little longer the usual for it to fire up. That was the scariest feeling. BRRRRRRHHH! I get goose bumps remembering it. We pulled out of the shoulder of the highway when the car began to want to stall again. It Did Not. We made it to my aunt’s but it was still raining… damage was done to my car….except that I can’t drive it till i get some new tires….because I am riding on slicks. Mabye one of these days i’ll get her up & running again. This i one thing I will never forget. “Remembered, But Never Forgotten.” That night we were so shoken up we cold not sleep. I ended up falling asleep that night around 4 am. That next morning i had to wake up at 6 becaause i have a class that starts at 7 am on MWF. The next day……..


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