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Monthly Archives: August 2005

The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life…aka…College. It Is Awsome But I Am Going To SAC…So Not Really…There Are A Bunch Of People…I Get To Go Out To Eat Where Ever I Want…Its Awsome!!! I Get No Homework…By I Do Have To Write Essays….Which Is Alright….But We Dont Even Have To Show Up For Class If We Dont Want To Unlike High School Where The Teachers Would Bitch You Out When You Returnd…Asking Where Were You etc. I Am Taking Two Criminal Justice Classes And A Math And A English I Am Taking 13 Hours This Semester…And I Hope To Tranfer To UTSA For The Sprin…Thats enough For Today…I Will Keep You All Updated If There Are Any Parties Going On Around The Hood…College Parties That Is…HA HA HA HA. Not Litlle Bitchy Ass High School Parties Where Most Get Busted!!! You Know What Im Talking About! Dont Play Dumb!