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Monthly Archives: May 2005

Graduation Was Awesome.

We All Had A Blast.

w00t w00t


I Am Finally Done With School…Horray! All I Gotta Do Now Is Pick Up My Cap & Gown, Take SR Panoramic Pictures, Get My TEXAS Scholar Medalion, Rehersal, And Graduate On Saturday @ Strahan Coliseum In San Marcos @ 10:00 am… I Will Hope To See Some Of My Friends Their…………………………& Last Thing “SENIORS ’05”

How I Mention A While Back That I Had To Turn In Summer School Papers The Day Before The Deadline… I Just Wanna Say “HELL YEAH” They Look My Information Over And I Got Accepted…While Everyone Is Haveing A Great Summer I Will Be Going To School From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, From JUNE 6 Through JULY 26 and I Will Be Off On The 4th Of JULY.

Got 6 More Day Of School Left…& Countting. Then I Have Two Days Of Finals And Im Outta There… Then I Gotta Go Back To School For Practice, To Walk The Stage At Graduation.